USINPAC cheers for Indian American Manju Goel who has announced her bid to seek Republican party nomination to run for a seat in the U.S. Congress

Indian-American Manju Goel has announced her bid to seek Republican party nomination to run for a seat in the US Congress, focussing on divisive issues like “Obamacare” and the growing national debt.

Ms Goel, an Aurora resident and conservative who was born in India, hopes to win the Republican primary in March and then take on incumbent Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth for the 8th district congressional seat.

Ms Goel outlined her campaign platform on Sunday during the Northwest Suburban Republican Family Picnic at Busse Woods Forest Preserve in Elk Grove Village.

She is being backed by a national group of Republicans, including Texas congressman Pete Sessions, who accompanied Ms Goel to Sunday’s picnic.

This will be Ms Goel’s first run for public office, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

America is on the wrong track,” she said during the event, her first public comments since announcing her candidacy.

“We are spending $1.60 for every dollar we bring in. We are discouraging rather than encouraging entrepreneurs and job creators with burdensome regulations.” Ms Goel took particular aim at “Obamacare,” which she called the “biggest of all job killers.”

After working more than five years in the health care industry as a process improvement specialist, she said neither patients nor doctors like the Affordable Health Care Act, which she, like many Republicans, refer to as “Obamacare.”

“Obamacare has to go, and Tammy Duckworth must go,” Ms Goel said was quoted as saying by Daily Herald newspaper.

She also said America must rid itself of debt, and she would support a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. “Washington spends our hard earned money like there is no tomorrow,” she said.

Since the global economic crisis in 2008, U.S. federal debt has increased from $5 trillion to an estimated $12 trillion in 2013, according to media reports.

In her campaign literature, Ms Goel said she grew up in a middle-class family in northern India and came to the U.S. at the age of 21.

Source: NDTV

USINPAC is delighted for 13 year old Indian American Arvind Mahankali who has created history by winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the year 2013

Arvind Mahankali from New York has scripted history by winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the year 2013, becoming the sixth Indian-American to win the title in a row.

The words were extremely hard. It means that I am retiring in a good mood,” Arvind said immediately after winning the prestigious national championship.

This is the sixth consecutive year that an Indian American has won the prestigious national tournament, which was watched live by millions of people in the United States. A grade eight student, Arvind, 13, loves maths and science and plans to pursue a career as a physicist.

Arvind, this year, made his fourth consecutive trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee. He had finished ninth in 2010 and third place in both 2011 and 2012.

A speaker of Telugu and Spanish, Arvind enjoys tennis, basketball and drama, and counts Novak Djokovic and Shaquille O’Neal among his favorite athletes.

Last three contestants were Indian Americans — Pranav Shivakumar from Illinois, Sriram Hathwar from New York; and Arvind Mahankali from New York.

Source: Sahil Online

USINPAC celebrates the victory of Indian American Kavita Shukla for winning the Index design award

Indian American Kavita Shukla has won INDEX design award for her innovative design, FreshPaper, that helps keep food fresh for a longer period.

The 500,000 Euro award, recognising the best of innovations addressing problems facing the world, is given biennially in Copenhagen.

Shukla is among the five winners in categories like Body, Home, Work, Play and Community.

Her design won in the Home category and impressed the jury with its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

FreshPaper is simple, low-tech and hyper affordable, with the potential to scale into new markets. The product has taken off in the United States, but it has immense potential to improve the lives of those living in less developed areas as well, where access to refrigerators is limited,” said INDEX jury chairman Mikal Hallstrup in a release.

The low-cost design is compostable and infused only with organic spices. Shukla came across an old remedy after accidentally drinking dirty tap water while visiting her grandmother in India.

Her grandmother gave her a “spice tea” and when she did not get sick, her curiosity was sparked. Shukla kept experimenting with the spices and finally found a new application of the age old home remedy.

Shukla, who was awarded the patent for FreshPaper at the age of 17, founded a social enterprise, Fenugreen, in 2010 to bring her product to those in need across the globe. It is already available in the US.

The judges at INDEX believed that the design will have a huge impact in food preservation around the globe.

Source: Business Standard

USINPAC congratulates Indian American Azita Raji on her appointment as Member of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowship

US President Barack Obama has appointed a top Indian-American fund raiser, who worked for his re-election campaign, to a key administration post.

San Francisco philanthropist, Azita Raji, who reportedly raised more than $3 million in contributions in 2011-2012 re-election campaign of Obama, has been appointed as Member of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowship.

The announcement came along with nine other appointments to key administration post.

I am honoured that these talented individuals have decided to join this Administration and serve our country. I look forward to working with them in the months and years to come,” Obama said in a statement.

A Trustee of Barnard College, and a founding Co-Chair of the Athena Leadership Council of Barnard’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies, Raji is Co-Chair of Barnard’s Development Committee.

She also serves as a member of the Executive Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Strategic Planning Advisory Group.

A Chartered Financial Analyst, Raji received a BA in Architecture and French from Barnard College and an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School.

She was National Finance Vice-Chair for Obama for America in 2012 and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Social Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School.

According to The Washington Post, Azita Raji was earlier being considered as US Ambassador to an European country – Italy or Switzerland.

Source: The Economic Times