Congressman Joseph Crowley Statement on the Outcome of the Elections in India

Congressman Joseph Crowley reacted to the results of the Indian Elections, which were finally tallied this week.

I am pleased to see that the democratic process in India works. Over 700 million people voted, an over 80% turnout. The legacy of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, which founded the modern State of India that thrives today, is alive and well and greatly respected by the showing in this most recent election.

crowley5b-1-webI congratulate the Congress Party for their strong showing in the election. The new government must keep the peace negotiations with Pakistan on track, to ensure that the violence and deaths of innocents completely ceases. As the party that originated the first economic changes under Prime Minister Rao that enabled India and the Indian economy to develop to the level that it is today, I am sure that the Congress party will continue the strong economic growth that India has experienced under the leadership of the BJP. In order for India to grow, more Indians’ daily standard of living and income must improve, and I call upon the Congress Party to make today’s 400 million strong middle class into tomorrow’s 800 million strong and growing middle class. As Democratic chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, I look forward to working with the new government and Prime Minister, continuing to advance and strengthen the ties between the US and India,” said Congressman Crowley.

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