Indian-American Candidates Fundraise a Record-Breaking Amount of Money

Indian-American political candidates are breaking a whole new glass ceiling as 20 U.S. Congressional candidates raised a record 15.5 million dollars in political donations this election period. Seven of the candidates have each individually raised over 1 million dollars this election period, and leader of the pack, U.S. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi, has raised more than $3.5 million in his re-election campaign in Illinois’ 8th Congressional District. Ro Khanna, who is seeking re-election from California’s 17th Congressional District, has raised $2 million, according to the Federal Election Commission. Congressman Khanna is followed by Dr. Ami Bera ($1.7 million), who is seeking his fourth consecutive term in the House in California’s 7th Congressional District. Pramila Jayapal, running for a second term in Washington’s 7th Congressional District, has raised $1.3 million. These are awe-inspiring numbers considering the elections are still not for another four months.

The impressive amount of funding goes on to show the support received by Indian-American candidates. Indian-American candidates have established a solid foundation of community supporters who are not afraid to back their support with their financials. The networks of family and friends that exist between Indian-Americans is not only growing in numbers but also increasing in political sophistication and organization. The record-breaking funds raised speak to the dedication of the Indian American community supporting these candidates. In these contemporary times filled with constant advertisements, campaign donations can go a long way to help get the word about the candidates’ race, and their platforms. Overall, it is great to see the community support behind Indian American candidates as they make a bid to represent their respective constituents.

If you would like to support a candidate in your district or find out more about the Indian American candidates running this election period, please visit the USINPAC YouTube page and check out our 2018 Summer Interview Series.

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