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LNG Quotes:

NirupamaRao (Ambassador to India) :With LNG demand expected to grow at 5-6 percent a year till 2020 and 2-3 percent thereafter, India, along with other Asian counterparts, is driving this growth. (

NirupamaRao: Making this LNG a cheaper comparable fuel option is a great task.((

Congressman Pete Olson: “Our relationship with India is key, and our Indian allies can either buy gas from us or from nations like Iran” (

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz: “I will be evaluating the export applications on a case-by-case basis, expeditiously” (

President Obama defending a federal reserve policy that would boost American exports to Asia:

“I will say that the Fed’s mandate, my mandate, is to grow our economy,” Obama said at a press conference yesterday in Delhi, India. “And the worst thing that could happen to the world economy, not ours — not just ours, but the entire world’s economy — is if we end up being stuck with no growth or very limited growth.” (

Important Links:

India seeks more liquid shale gas from U.S. to bridge demand-supply gap

(June 18, 2012)

India banks on Canada to skirt U.S. gas export ban

(July 24, 2012)


US-India Clean Energy Partnership Set to Open New Vistas

(July 26, 2012)

Press Release – US-India Energy Dialogue

(September 28, 2012)—us-india-energy-dialogue

U.S.-India energy dialogue forges on in Washington

(October 4, 2012)


US to benefit from LNG exports to India, China

(December 18, 2012)

The Pipe Runneth Over

(January 20, 2013)

Bill in U.S. Senate to export natural gas to non FTA-nations

(February 1, 2013)

US takes India to WTO over solar cell imports

(February 6, 2013); Related to dispute over solar energy

Liquefied Natural Gas Exports: An Opportunity for America

(February 2013)

USINPAC urges review of US-India relations

(March 28, 2013)

LNG Exports Can Power India and Fuel our Economy

(April 9, 2013)

India Poised to be an Important U.S. LNG Export Market

(April 9, 2013)

How Cheniere Energy Got First In Line To Export America’s Natural Gas

(April 17, 2013)

India’s Petronet LNG Signs First Accord to Import Gas From U.S.

(April 25, 2013)

Technology, economy and energy new drivers of India-US ties: Indian Ambassador Nirupama Rao

(April 30, 2013)

Technology, energy new drivers of India-US ties: Nirupama Rao

(April 30, 2013)

US natural gas exports to India, a ‘win-win’ proposition: Nirupama Rao

(May 8, 2013)

Avenues of India-US energy partnership discussed

(May 13, 2013)

India-US clean energy partnership mobilises $1.7 billion

(May 14, 2013)

Energy Chief Confirmation, US-India Collaboration on Stimulating Trade in Energy Sector

(May 17, 2013)

U.S. clears shale gas export to India

(May 18, 2013)

India awaits LNG exports from Freeport facility

(May 20, 2013)

Calls for Action at U.S. – India Energy Partnership Summit in DC; Extreme Heat in hits Ahmedabad

(May 21, 2013)

U.S. Energy Exports to India: A Game Changer

(May 2013)

US Energy Secretary to visit India to discuss shale gas export

(June 15, 2013)

US Energy Secretary to visit India to discuss shale gas export

(June 15, 2013)