PHILLIPS: Geopolitical conundrum: Will the Obama regime continue to support our enemies?

If there is one constant, it is that Barack Obama will cheer for the enemy. He will support those who hate and oppose America.

One of the hottest spots in the world is the India- Pakistan area. India and Pakistan, to put it charitably, are longtime rivals. Less charitably, they might be called sworn enemies. Probably, the presence of nuclear weapons on both sides has prevented an all-out war between the two nations for several decades now.

india-electionsjpeg-01c34_s640x460Elections are coming in India and how the Obama regime reacts to those elections will determine the future of American relations in that part of the world for years and maybe decades.

Narendra Modi is the head of the BJP Party in India. It is the right of center party and his party is expected to win the upcoming elections and he will become the next Prime Minister of India.

Mr. Modi is described as a controversial figure both inside India and outside of it.

In 2002, Muslims were accused of setting fire to a train that carried Hindu religious pilgrims. This set off weeks of interreligious war between Hindus and Muslims. Mr.  Modi was accused of either being a part of the violence or at least condoning it. A court cleared him of that charge.

Unfortunately, in 2005, the United States denied Mr. Modi a diplomatic visa to enter the United States and revoked his pervious non-diplomatic visa, because of allegations related to the 2002 violence.

What will the Obama regime do if Mr. Modi becomes Prime Minister?

The Obama regime is still trying to recover from its bungling of the arrest and strip search of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade. Ms. Khobragade did not have traditional diplomatic immunity, but a lesser grade of immunity.

Instead of simply expelling her, the regime managed to handle the matter in such a manner that Indians were outraged.

Eventually, the regime gave Ms. Khobragade diplomatic immunity and that allowed her to leave the country.

What will happen when Mr. Modi becomes Prime Minister and wants to visit America? The State Department will either have to grant a diplomatic visa or deny it.

Barack Obama has blatantly favored Islamic nations over even America’s closest allies since he became president. Pakistan is not America’s friend. It harbored Osama bin Laden for years. The Taliban in Afghanistan is essentially a creation of the ISI, the Pakistani Intelligence service. The Pakistanis have routinely cut off over land transportation routes to Afghanistan, making it difficult for us to supply our troops there. Pakistan allows safe refuge for terrorists who hit our troops in Afghanistan, then crawl back across the border.

And Pakistan has refused to allow American experts access to Dr. A.Q. Khan. Khan, who helped create Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, is suspected of sharing nuclear technology with North Korea, Iran and Libya.

Source: The Washington Times

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