Call for Action: Anti-Modi Petition needs to be removed…Quickly!

As India’s new Prime Minister Mr. Modi prepares for his first US trip, an anti- Modi petition replete with no facts and full with false accusations has been filed on the official website of President of the United States. The idea of this anti-India petition is to slander India as a ‘fascist state’ by making false allegations of human rights violations.
Narendra ModiAs a unified voice of Indian Americans, USINPAC strongly opposes this petition and encourages every Indian American to write to their lawmakers to ensure this anti-India petition is pulled down from the White-House website. This is the time to stay united and the best opportunity to discredit the motives and agenda of organizations engaging in perpetrating such lies which have no basis.
USINPAC successfully led a grassroots outreach efforts in Washington DC to stop the Resolution HR 417 from going to the House Floor for a vote in Nov. 2013. HR417 was a resolution intended to influence India’s upcoming elections by focusing on the 2002 Gujarat riots. USINPAC has been constantly working on the Hill to promote US-India strategic relationship.
We again urge you to pick up your phone, call your lawmakers and sign the following petition:
For more details, please ask us:

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