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Ties Estranged or Ties Strengthened: U.S & India

In the shifting dynamics of international relations, situations are meant to be handled with the utmost care and this is evident in numerous occasions. After all, ties are porcelain-delicate and brittle. During the Former American Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger recently stated that the US-India ties ‘should not be conceived as a military relationship but a political and economic relationship [where] each side looks at its security interests, but they do not have to be merged in a common structure’. He added, “I think India should pursue its own perception of its national interest. And I hope that on key issues we (India and the US) can find a parallel policy.” Regarded as one of the most prominent statesmen who has witnessed and reported on some of the most turning political events in the 20th century, he was anti-India in the 1970s. However, he changed his stance; he ardently supported and lobbied towards the Indo-US nuclear deal. He has also supported the cause of India being a permanent member of the UN.

While the winds of change blow, there are tidings that the U.S.-India ties are falling apart and both these countries are drifting away from each other. ‘China’s Nightmare, America’s Dream: India as the next global power’ by William H. Avery, former American diplomat, reveals that the relationship is not at a stage where India and the U.S. could cement stronger ties; the friendship has dulled. It is only a matter of time when the leadership from both the nations would be put to test.

While India prepares for the new American Ambassador, Nancy J Powell’s posting in India, she has declared her agenda ahead; she has mentioned that economic ties between the U.S. and India remain her priority. She would also participate in the ‘India-US Strategic Dialogue’ this year. She has shown her alacrity in business ventures between the U.S and India. In the meantime, one could only feel that this is the way ahead to better times in the not-so-distant future.